Image this: you are living happily on a tropical island. However, the evil invaders plan to occupy it. You have to battle to protect your freedom and liberty against the powerful invaders! With IRIE Islands Defense, you can experience epic battles! If you like war games, this new game app is just for you.

IRIE Islands Defence is not only a war game. You also need  strategic thinking. To get ready for these modern battles, you can choose from a variety of weapons: machine guns to attack group units, ice bunkers to slow down enemies, flame squares, rocket launchers, snipers, and more. You need to play to higher levels to unlock some advance weapons. You can also use your virtual money to buy upgraded firearms such as dynamites, ice bombs, and lasers.

As the commander in chief, you must make good choices about weapons as you prepare for conflict and battles with your enemy. After you arm yourself, it’s show time! Fight in epic battles and command to win the war. screen520x9241

screen520x924My favorite part of this app is its’ pretty graphics. The tropical islands are so beautiful, which encourage me to protect my home. When I watch the intimidating enemies gather around my islands, I’m so stimulated and eager to stop the invaders destroy the luscious scenery.


The IRIE Islands Defense also have a variety of unique levels, which allows you to feel a total defense extreme and exciting. If you find the first level with 8 waves of invaders really easy, don’t underestimate the intensity of whole game. In the higher levels, you will face a huge amount of angry enemies!

The only problem in the game is the pop-up ads to some other games, which is a little bit annoying. In addition, as a big war game fan, I still hope to get more levels.

All in all, it’s time to have some fun! IRIE Islands Defence is now available for free on the App Store, with some in-app purchases of refills and virtual money. Download it now and start defending your islands and conquering the evil invaders!