Engage Your News ReadingDo you get bored of reading a news story by yourself? Do you find it hard to choose from different news sources? Engage by MIR Publishing is on the App StoreGoogle Play, and Windows Store for you news lovers! The first of its kind, this news app provides a great platform for reading the news and engaging with others! With Engage, you can not only get news updates throughout the day, but also post your opinions about any articles or anyone else’s comments.

As a news app, Engage provides you with real time news articles from reliable sources, including NPR News and The Drudge Report. Hopefully we can see more sources on Engage in the future. Current stories from 13 different categories are available here. By tapping on the left menu, you can easily choose your favorite category, such as NationalWide, World, Businesses, Publics, Sports, Entertainment, Technology and Science. What if you find some stories interesting to you, but you don’t have time to read them immediately? The Bookmark function allows you to save the story page and access them anytime you want.

Engage Your News Reading   Engage Your News Reading   Engage Your News Reading

My favorite feature of this app is its interactive function. For me, the most interesting part of news reading is discussing and sharing my opinion with others. Engage is such a platform. On the Comments screen, you can share your unedited opinion and leave comments in an open forum with other active users. All the comments are completely uncensored. Sounds exciting, right?

The Engager page shows the location of other active users posting comments about the same story you are currently reading, which allows you to interact with other users in real time. Additionally, Engage even lets you chat one on one with any readers who post comments of particular interest to you through the Messages function. You’re never reading alone!

Engage Your News Reading   Engage Your News Reading   Engage Your News Reading

No need to worry about your privacy. You can choose whether to post your thoughts publicly or anonymously, without revealing your profile information.

Engage is now available on nearly all the mobile devices. ENGAGE your news reading with this new app, no matter if you are an iOS or Android user, or even a window phone owner. Download Engage and maybe we can meet each other and start a debate.