0x0ss-85What can a keyboard app do for you? Improve your typing speed? Correct your spellings automatically? But you can do much more with Inkboard, a new app that provides you with an easy and fun way to draw creative messages.

The best thing about iOS 8 is that it allows you to download and use third party keyboards. I can still remember how excited I was when I heard the news. Then I tried several keyboard apps, among which Inkboard is the most interesting and attractive one. Unlike other typical keyboards, Inkboard focuses on drawing instead of typing. This new keyboard app let you draw whatever messages you like with life-like creative tools, such as pens, pencils, markers and crayons. You can easily customize your drawing right in the keyboard by choosing from different colors and highlighters.

inkboard3    inkboard2

My favorite feature is that you can draw on photos using Inkboard’s drawing tools. Sometimes I really want add the funny emojis to my photo, but there is no Photoshop available on my iPhone. Now I can use Inkboard to make my pictures more funny and creative. It is not only a keyboard app, but also an emoji-creating app and a photo-editing app.

inkboard4 inkboard5

After a drawing is complete, what can do you with it? You share your masterpiece with friends via SMS, mail and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more). You can either copy and paste the image into other apps, or upload the image and post the link.

Recently, the developer of Inkboard, doodle.ly has updated the app. You can now get a larger keyboard and of course, more drawing space. I hope they  add more color options in the future.

Inkboard is now available for free on the  iOS App Store. Update your iPhone to iOS 8 and download it right now. Draw what you can’t put into words with Inkboard and then share with us on social media.