Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.52.25 PMHave you ever been scared when playing the dangerous game called dodge-ball? When I was in elementary and middle school, dodge-ball was always a part of our physical education class because the boys enjoyed playing it so much. However, I was never a big fan of it because I’m too afraid of getting hit by the ball, and even though I always found myself to be on the attacking team I couldn’t hit anybody with the ball because of my terrible aim. However, the game has always been fun to watch and it becomes very exciting to see who’s the last one standing in the game.

So, when I saw the new game app DodgeBawl Online, I felt a bit relief as I was able to finally play dodgeball without any fear of being hit by the ball and also because I won’t cause any physical harm to others. DodgeBawl Online allows you to play online with worldwide dodge-ball players as well as your friends and family, your team could be up to three players and defeat your opponents. The app offers 8 characters for you to pick from and you can find one which fits your game style and unlock its hidden special power. In the game, you can also create private games and invite only your friends to come practice as a team and develop innovative strategies.

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If you’re a beginner to the game, it also has a practice mode, with this mode you can practice the rules and skills until you feel comfortable enough to play against the other players.  I personally think the game is quite addictive and exciting. The game play itself is pretty fluent and the graphic is rich in color, you can tell the game was built to be colorful, and you can also tell the development team really put a lot of time and effort into the design and animation. The sound effect and sound track of the game is also a plus. If you’re looking for something sporty and fresh, I would highly recommend this game to you.

The app is now available on the Google Play, download today and let us know what do you think.