11150863_421021441415561_7107602513029547004_nIf you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, then you probably enjoy the fine taste of wine from Australia and New Zealand. The new Wineosphere wine app focuses on wines from both of these places! Finding a wine has truly never been easier. Wineosphere provides you with expert reviews, price comparisons, interest alerts, and more!


Wineosphere has much more functionality than any other wine app. The app’s database features an impressive 25,000 fully independent reviews, with new ones always being added. The Wine Front, an award winning team, provides all of the reviews. Simply scan the barcode of a wine to get reviews instantly and tap one button to find out how much it costs before you bring it up to the register!









Search for and discover top new wines, regions, and places. Use the Wineocharts feature to get wine suggestions for any occasion, whether it be to celebrate your new promotion or that the kids are finally going back to school and you have the house to yourself again! Discover wines by inputting your interests. You can find wines by variety, region, and price.

I love how personal Wineosphere is. With the My Wine page, you can keep a personal collection of wines you are interested in and get tailored lists for new reviews.  Separate wines by using the four types of bookmarks: list, fave, remember, or avoid. You can also receive a premium collection of top lists, such as the monthly top 10 bargain wines.


Just when you thought this app couldn’t have any more quality features, it does. An app just isn’t complete without social aspects! Share all of your unique finds with your friends or the whole wine loving community. When you post to the Wineosphere community you can find other interesting people by their reviews, experiences and Wineograms. Capture your best wine moments with Wineograms and share them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Treat yourself this weekend and find some quality wine. With Wineosphere, you will feel relaxed while picking out the wine, as well as after drinking it! Download Wineosphere now from the App Store. Comment below and let me know what you think of this new iOS app!