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Sourceror, a new app for iPhone and Android, is a spiritual compass that fits in your pocket. I’ve neverowned a spiritual compass before, nor do I know too much about them, so I’m not sure if “fitting in to your pocket” is the exception or the rule, exactly. I’ll have to do more research on that. Anyway, let’s move past the form and move on to the function of the app.


What Sourceror does is give you a personalized metaphysical reading, which then determines the daily words it gives you. Each word is as powerful as your reflection and inspiration make of it. The meanings I derived weren’t very thought-provoking, honestly, but that’s probably due to my lack of spiritual experience. I’m sure this app could help me improve, if I were to stick with it.

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The look of this app is actually quite magical. If a bona-fide wizard were to design an app (to keep track of his spells, I guess), I think it would look like this. The dials and menus are nicely designed. Intricate details and effects mixed in with them, without over doing it. The illustrations for the words are delightful, as well. One of them, the visualization for “Invincibility,” was especially helpful in tuning in to my Higher Self.


Although this sort of thing is not for me, I can honestly say that I had a positive experience review this up. Flipping through the words that it gives you did inspire me, and I thought their descriptions were thought-provoking and well-written. The father-daughter team who designed this did a good job of making a “golden compass” for people’s phones, which I am sure will help a lot of people dial in to their Inner Self, Or their Higher Self, if they’re lucky.