new social networking appDartboard’s voice recording feature allows you to do more than messaging. It’s a communication platform that extends your experience beyond voicemail, phone calls and texting. Dartboard is a new social networking app that can transform your voice message with audio social networking app Dartboard

With unique filter options including Hunk, Borg, Invader or Helium, you can easily amp up your conversation and, perhaps, really have a laugh out loud. Not only that, Dartboard has a feature that reminds you to think twice before you send the message. A play button appears in the corner and lets you replay your message before you hit send.

new social networking app dartboard

Another element that makes Dartboard stand out amongst other social networking apps is the small file size. If you are looking to save some data, the new app requires a minimal amount of data for uploading and viewing (unlike bigger platforms such as Facebook and Twitter). You no longer have to worry about reaching your data quota while using the app. If you are looking to save time, a Quick Reply option lets you instantaneously respond to your dart opponent.  Although Dartboard focuses primarily on voice recording, the app does more than any other common social network. It is highly interactive, especially with a feature allows you to send yourself dart messages as reminders for upcoming events or errands to check off your to-do list.

Dartboard is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. You can now send darts to your friends, or anyone, with many quirky new filters coming soon. This user-friendly, social media integrated and innovative audio messaging app is effective, entertaining and convenient. It is a more personal and interactive way to communicate. It is an evolution of voicemail. It’s fun.

New Social Networking App Dartboard New Social Networking App Dartboard