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Tired of slicing fruit? Now it’s time to cut some timbers! This new game app Cut Cut Ninja is similar to the famous Fruit Cut Ninja but much more challenging.

The idea behind the app is surprisingly simple: you play as a ninja in training, honoring your sword skills by cutting/slicing up every timber that drops from the screen in front of you. However, unlike Fruit Cut Ninja, Cut Cut Ninja allows you to slice the fruit from every direction but has some rules which you must follow. First of all, each of the timbers dropping down from the screen have marks on it. It’s important for you to cut the timbers by following the shape so that you cut them appropriately. Second, In order to keep your character alive, you have to understand that you cannot initiate both draw and cut options at the same time when you are falling, otherwise the game will end instantly.

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What makes Cut Cut Ninja special is that the game offers so many characters to choose from. These famous Chinese historical figures include figures such as Zhuge Liang to Japanese Samurai warrior Date Masamune.These characters allow your imagination to run wild while you are playing with them. What is even more interesting about the game is that as the game processes and you unlock more characters you can have different skill sets and abilities with different characters. However, I personally believe that there should be more things to cut in the game instead of endless timbers. But overall, the game is put together quite well, and the swiping mechanism is weirdly satisfying.


It's available in Apple App Store, download today and let us know how you think!