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If a puzzle or matching game is not challenging enough, you’ll quickly turn to something else, gamers are always searching for new games to keep them fresh. Cube Collider is the latest iphone game that is perfect for fast-paced puzzle players.

In this new game app you face against a number of different colored cubes falling from the top of your screen, your goal is to match the cubes with the same color, in order to rotate the colored cubes, you can simply tap right or left of the screen and make the colors to collide.

The interface of the app is minimalist in styling and helps you focus. As each stage progresses, the cubes will be falling off faster and faster, this is when the game becomes more addicting and become the reason why you can’t walk away from these little cubes. Another feature about the app is that you can connect to Facebook to share your progress and compete with friends.

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Gaming addiction may not sound good, but with Cube Collider you can sort of convince yourself that you are training your brain and pushing yourself to be a better multitasker. At least that’s what I told myself. I personally think the gameplay feels smooth and the difficulty level progresses naturally from one level to the next. Compared to other puzzle game, Cube Collider provides a very intense experience, you’ll probably get a little frustrated when not clearing the stage, but I really love the ability of how the game makes you gloriously upheld in victory when you improve.

Cube Collider is a game for all generation, download the app today on the App Store. And let us know you think about this app.Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.17.45 AM