Creating Books is easier than it seems

icon_1439252782Have you ever tried creating a book yourself? If the answer is no, you should give it a try as it is much easier than you thought. If the answer is yes, then here is an even easier way to making a book. BookPress allows you to create books anywhere you go, you can create ebooks or make them in print. You can create a multitude of different books from cookbooks to story books, photo books to yearbooks, all the creation and editing can be done on your iPad or online. You can use any photos on your device directly, and can even use any word document or pdf file saved on your device or can be accessed on Dropbox/Google Drive.


There is seemingly an endless amount of customization you can do with this new app. You can constantly make your book prettier with more filters and borders on each page. Doing the customization is actually very time consuming but it is also the fun part of making the book. I personally enjoy this part of the process the most while i was making a picture book for my girlfriend’s birthday. It is quite romantic and meaningful when you put your own pictures and words into a book. Plus it look a thousand times better than just a card. Thank god this app is so easy to use that I create a book without much frustration or anything. Best thing is that I can work on it during my commute to work and during my plane ride. I think i will do this again for my mom’s upcoming birthday, because it is so easy and it seems like i put a lot of effort into it.


Also I could keep a digital copy of the book I made and print another one out anytime I want. I could also share it with friends through email or even on Facebook and Twitter. I personally used it as a gift idea, but there are tons of other uses for this book-creating app. Go ahead and try it out and see what you can create with it. Let us know what you think about this new app by commenting below.