Can you Escape the Void? imagesThis new game app requires superior eye and hand coordination, along with fast reactions. It may be easy to learn, but it is quite difficult to master!


This fast paced, endless flyer game is full of excitement and unique features. After watching a brief tutorial, test your skills in five different game modes. Try your best to navigate the fast approaching barriers by tilting your iPhone or iPad. You can even adjust the tilting sensitivity to your liking. Focus on collecting bonuses to get further ahead and increase your score. After playing Escape the Void, you may even forget which way is up and down!



See how you rank against your friends and other users on a variety of Game Center leaderboards. You can also earn several Game Center achievements. Escape the Void even has Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can share your achievements and compare your coordination skills with everyone you know!

I am really impressed by the minimalistic design of this new iOS app. The simple graphics allow you to really focus on playing the game without distractions. There are also no complicated rules, you can just start playing Escape the Void on your iPhone or iPad right after downloading it from the App Store!