Are you a big fan of puzzle solving games, castle-breakoutbut getting tired of the traditional games currently available? Then Castle Breakout is the game for you! Outwit the castle security force and escape the castle! This new game app also brings you back to the Middle Ages and provides you with a magical adventure through beautiful medieval scenes.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll read a comic book style intro, telling you the background story and settings. The game features ten castle rooms that you need to escape from. As a castle security expert, you can use swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and even fruits to solve tricky puzzles. Find clues in the right order to escape rooms and move on to the next challenge! To make the great escape, you need to make good use of your judgment, reasoning ability, and exploration of the encompassing environments.

castle-breakout1    screenshot_3

I find the first levels really easy—they can be beaten in fifteen minutes or much less. I once successfully broke out the room in 8 minutes. I’ve heard some players can finish one level in 5 minutes or less, which is incredible! If you are a busy puzzle solver that doesn’t have the time to work through hour-long challenges, Castle Breakout can be our “quick escape” from the daily doldrums. But the final 3 levels are a little bit challenging. You might need the video cheats to help you move along when you get stuck.

castle-breakout2    castle-breakout4

I first got to know this game from the fan art on Tumblr. I was really surprised that a game could gain so many fans even before it launched. Then I couldn’t wait to sign up for beta testing. When I started the game, I was really impressed by the glorious photorealistic details and features. The amazing sound effects also make the medieval environment come to life. Then I searched and found that all the original music tracks are performed and recorded by award-winning classical guitarist Jon Sayles.


But this addicting game is not absolutely free. You won’t be charged for the first seven levels, but need to pay for the last three, $0.99 for each or $2.99 for all three. While I was playing, I found some bugs in the last levels. Hopefully the developers from Cloudburst can solve the problems and make premium levels perfect.

This engaging and captivating game will be available on both the App Store and Google Play in mid-November this year. If you cannot wait until it’s formally released, you can sign up and become a beta tester. Join us in a mysterious castle and battle against the wits of the Guild of Justice.