beaver-smash-app-for-iphone-ipad__1429284667Forests around the world are being conquered and destroyed by beavers! You are the only person who can stop them! Beaver Smash is an action packed new game app that will take you around the globe as you desperately try to defeat the beavers.


You’ll undoubtedly need fast reflexes and quick reaction skills to take down the beavers, who will stop at nothing until they have taken down all of the forests in the world. To stop them, you must smash them as they pop up throughout the board. Smash them quickly before they start taking down the trees.

1439827214-b590473f-9507 Don’t be fooled by the seemingly easy game rules! Beaver Smash seems easy at first, but it quickly becomes challenging as more features are added to increase the difficulty. There are over a dozen types of beavers, each with special fighting abilities. If that doesn’t challenge you, perhaps the constant bombs exploding will!


Utilize a variety of powerups to tap, shoot, and gas your way to victory. If you do well you can earn achievements by completing a variety of challenges. Beaver Smash has an impressive 100 levels to keep you occupied and challenged for hours upon hours.


Beaver Smash has two different game modes: Infinite Mode and Impossible Mode. Even the names of the modes are intimidating! In Infinite Mode, you can experience endless arcade style fun by playing randomly generated levels. Impossible Mode allow you to test your skills against the best users. However, it is not available right away and can only be unlocked by earning medals.  


Aside from the entertaining gameplay, Beaver Smash also has other quality features, including music, stats, and social integration. There is different music for every major location in the game, with over a dozen original soundtracks! Personally I enjoy the stats feature the most. When playing games I always like to see data showing how I have improved or what aspects I am struggling in. In the stats section, you can see every aspect of the game broken down numerically. Everything from your average tapped beavers per second to the percentage of trees that you saved is listed. If you think your stats are impressive, you can brag about them to your friends. Impress them with your various achievements!

Find out if you can save the environment by downloading Beaver Smash now from the iTunes Store! I’d love to hear what you think about this new action game, so comment below with your opinion!