Everyone has had at least one bad day. Imagine if there was an app that icon 8could lift your spirits? Now there is with the new app AWE (A Word Everyday) developed by AWE, LLC that delivers a unique word to your phone every day which imbues meaning in your daily life.

People can find many ways to lift their spirits such as meditation or yoga but when your on the go and you work in stressful environments this might not be an option for you. This is where AWE comes into play with uplifting words that when read, act as a psychological boost of positive energy for its users. In addition, music is sometimes added to the words in the new version of the app potentially giving the user an even more engaging, relaxed, or uplifting experience.

The new version of the app has excellent graphics and is well designed allowing for a more enjoyable user engagement. Whether your feeling down and out or enjoying the wonderful day you could always use the uplifting spirit of the new version of AWE.

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Buy this exciting app today on the Apple App Store and Google Play and let us know what you think!