The frustration and disorganization that surrounds event planning is what canicon_1451523516 lead to discouragement and a return back to your position on the couch. The Are You In app is now available for free in both the App store and Google Play , and is perfect for those who have trouble with organizing their social life.

This new social organizer app allows for you to create an event for anything you please and to invite a certain amount of friends to attend. What makes this app so unique is the simplicity and ease of using it. Once you have chosen a set time, date, and location, the event is sent out to friends who then reply by either hitting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ button. The excuse that your friend got lost will no longer work with this app because the event’s location links to your phone’s GPS to give turn by turn directions right to the decided meetup. The simple idea and layout of the app allows for easier planning and less hassle with friends on trying to figure everything out.

The best feature of this app is being able to sync it with your phone, both in your personal calendar and with your contacts. Being able to sync your Are You In calendar events with your phone’s gives you the event reminder twice and the security in knowing your invited friends are also getting that double reminder. The syncing of contacts makes the event invitations even easier by selecting from your pre existing contacts the friends who now own the app.

The developers could broaden their user base by being inclusive to all devices. A good example would be the inclusion of the Windows app store. If they were able to expand their potential user base Are You In could become the go to app in planning and organizing your social life. The fact that this app is made to make your life more simple and easy in planning allows for you to have more time for fun with friends. This eliminates hassle with trying to get everyone together, and that’s the way it should be! Give Are You In a try and download for free today in the app store. Let me know what you think.


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