ICON_V1Suti is the new game app that lets you adopt an adorable, fun virtual companion. Not only does Suti give you the experience of having a pet but also let you play exciting mini games. As a virtual pet owner, you must take care of your Suti and make sure it grows happily and healthily. It is almost like our generation’s Tamagotchi.

Once you adopt your Suti, you can personalize your pet by giving it a name, decorating its rooms and dress it up in your favorite fashionable clothes. Just like having a real pet, you must keep Suti happy, feed Suti when it is hungry and let Suti take naps when it is tired.screen322x572

In the new app, there are many fun challenges that you can take on while you let Suti take naps. This includes Color Challenge which helps improve your color vision and Find The Pairs which boost your memorization skills. Not only that once Suti is awake, you can play games with your virtual pet such as Flappy Suti that mimics the of mechanism of Flappy Bird. In Flappy Suti, you must control your pet while it flies through without touching the pipes for as far as you can.

Available now for free download on the App Store, you can adopt and personalized your very own virtual pet and take it out for a round of Flappy Suti.