In this new generation, mostly every child has access to an iPhone or iPad. Why not expand their little minds and introduce them to ABC Galaxy? Learning the alphabet has never been so easy! Your child will never have this much fun learning from anywhere else. ABC galaxy is equipped with multiple features that will keep children easily entertained and engaged for a long time.

This new iOS app features a high octane game play, requiring kids to break their way through planets using their growing  alphabet knowledge in the ABC Galaxy. Every level is uniquely designed to focus on developing skills such as concentration, coordination, recognition, listening and problem solving. Conquer the game to learn over 250 vocabulary words with the help of beginning phonics, reading, spelling and pronunciation skills.

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The vibrant and colorful graphics prove to me that lots of valuable time went into designing this game, this new iPhone app will surely hit the top of the charts in education. The best feature is not just the creative designs but instead the learning capability. ABC Galaxy has over 50 levels to play, and provides multiplayer functions as well, for you and your child to enjoy together. I certainly recommend this app to parents with little ones, they will be well on their way to becoming little geniuses.

Explore the ABC Galaxy with your child today, the new education app is available in the iOS App Store today!