Besides discovering new Apps, the funniest thing to do with an iPhone is talking to Siri. You might already know that Siri can return your lost iPhones or iPads. But what else can Siri do for you?  Here are another 3 Siri tricks to make your life easier. Just speak a few words and your task is done.

1. Siri can edit your calendar for you.

18ixbw3qp5v9tjpgSiri can set your calendar event or a reminder without opening the Calendar app. In order to edit an event, just tell Siri “Change my interview on Thursday at 10 am to 2 pm.” Siri will quickly respond, “OK, I’ll make that change to your appointment. Shall I schedule it?” You’ll then be shown a screen of the new calendar appointment. You can make the final decision to confirm it or cancel the updating.

Time is not the only thing Siri can change on your calendar. You can also edit titles, attendees, and locations of your appointments by telling Siri, “Change the title/attendees/location of my appointment on Friday.”


2. Siri can tell you the time of sunrise and sunset

I’ve traveled around the world to see sunrises and sunsets in different places, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Santorini. But the time for sunrise and sunset is different in different places at different seasons of the year. It’s really a pity that sometimes I finally climb to the top of a mountain and sun is already hidden under the horizon line.

Now, with the help of Siri, such things will not happen again. Siri always knows the time of the sunrise and sunset. To ask Siri for the time of the sunrise or sunset, simply say, “What time will the sunrise/sunset be tomorrow?” Siri will then give me the time.

Conveniently, Siri cannot only tell me the time for today but also for any day of the next week. To get the time, just ask, “What time will sunrise be next Sunday?” Thus, I can make a great traveling plan.

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3. Siri can convert currency and measurements for you

What I didn’t know, until recently, is that you can also use Siri to convert currency and measurements.

The first thing that comes to my mind is currency. As an international student studying in the US, I always need to get $ converts to ¥. But the relative value of currencies is constantly fluctuating. Although I’m very good at doing math in my head, I don’t want to search the rate every time I want to get my money exchanged. I also downloaded a converting app, but the exchange rate is not always accurate. Now, I can ask Siri, “How much RMB is $20,000?” Siri will simply give me the right answer.

Siri can also convert measures such as distance, weight, volume, temperature and speed. You don’t need to download new iPhone apps for such calculations. You’ll find it useful because Americans use a complete different measurement system from other countries in the world. Feel free to ask Siri to do the math for you!

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The only problem I have is that I might need to repeat my questions several times for Siri because my accent is confusing. (If Siri misunderstands you, you can always type to correct it.) But I’m still finding my life so much easier now by interacting with Siri.

Want to find more things Siri can help you with? Tap and hold the home button for a long time to ask Siri out, and keep silent for 3 seconds. Siri will provide you a list of “Some things you can ask me.”

Start talking to your Siri now and you’ll love it!