App Success Story

App Success Stories:

8 Success Stories From Developers Who Beat The Odds!

By Sean A. Casto

Whether you’re a designer, a developer, or an entrepreneur, App Success Stories shares the secrets of success, from coming up with the great idea to executing it. App Success Stories takes you through a broad and diverse range of success stories from indie developers to small and midsize app development firms in iOS, Android and Windows. This nontechnical, easy-to-follow guide walks you through 8 real world examples to inspire those looking to hit it big. The following chapters provide insight on improving your chances to release a best selling app.


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App Success Stories' should be a mandatory reading for ANY appreneur, new or seasoned, as it examines not just one successful app case study, but eight!

- Matthew Lütz, Co-Founder & COO of AppClover & Appzine Machine

There is no secret recipe to success on the App Stores, and app developers need to do all the marketing they can to put the word out about their apps. The real-world insights shared in this book will help both aspiring and experimented app developers get initial traction and better market their app.

- Sylvain Gauchet - CEO of Apptamin

Apps Success Stories" gives real world advice to developers who need a new way to think about launching their Apps and getting the type of exposure they need with next to no resources.

- Chuck Goldman - CSO of Apperian

For many developers app marketing mistakes can be fatal, the excellent 8 case studies in the book are great to be more prepared for many challenges down the road of the app development business.

- Artyom Diogtev - ComboApp

About The Author:

Sean A. Casto is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, the leading platform for introducing new mobile apps to users and the marketplace prior to release. Viewing the frustration in mobile from his vantage point as industry employee and app and web developer, Sean identified that problems were based on early stage traction and exposure. Sean discovered this underserved pre-release niche of the mobile market through his business experience in the industry, both as an employee and as an app and web developer himself. To provide direct insight on creating the PreApps solution and to change the way mobile app developers gain early stage traction and discoverability in the marketplace, Sean built out a powerful team of mobile experts from Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, and Google. Sean loves mobile and focuses his entrepreneurial innovation and passion on the app industry to successfully lead and inspire the PreApps Team.