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My Morning Challenge

Category: Lifestyle | 
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Improve your mornings with fun and productive challenges! When your morning routine becomes a rut, open My Morning Challenge the night before, select a challenge or have one randomly selected (or sent to you by a friend) and, once agreed to, the challenge will sync with your alarm clock to wake you up at the preset amount of time in advance. Studies have shown that changing your morning routine is good for your creativity, productivity and brain development. Challenges can include - Exercise-related challenges: Run 2 miles, do 30 pushups on your mattress, do 20 minutes of yoga Productive challenges: Read 10 pages of your book, make a checklist for the day, write a handwritten letter to a friend” Fun challenges: do your morning routine backwards, play your favorite album from college while you get ready for work, brush your teeth with your opposite hand, watch an episode of your favorite show, make an elaborate breakfast, write a haiku and send it back to your friend. The options are endless. Create your challenge deck, assign the amount of time necessary to complete the challenge, then save them. Challenges can be sent to yourself or challenged to friends. Your mornings will never be the same...

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