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Food4U free for you to pick up

Category: Food & Drink | 
7 Vote(s)


This app would connect people who need free groceries/food with those who have some to give. I always have items in my cupboard that I do not plan to eat. Either I bought too much, don't like the taste, or do not plan to ever use it. The items are excellent with good expiration dates. There must be plenty of people who would love to clean their cupboards, fill a box of food, take a photo, and give it away. The app would have a photo of the box, bag, of items; and one lucky recipient who responds first to claim it, gets to come and pick it up. This could potentially end hungar in everyone's neighborhoods.

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  • Ankit Dhakal
    United Kingdom
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Comments & Suggestions

  • John on May. 01, 2016

    Can i Know how to execute this app...please do explain technically.

  • Ryan Berkun on Jan. 09, 2016

    This is a sweet concept as I know that I always have extra food left over. If you're looking to forward your project, I am a developer and would love to work on this with you. Shoot me an email at ryanberkun@gmail.com

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