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Simple address book aimed towards organizing contacts

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I've tried a lot of the best apps on offer for address book managing and i'm left hugely disappointed with what they offer in terms of streamlining your contact browsing experience. DW Contacts is the only one that came close to having what i need, but its groups function is very buggy and it has way too many menus and sub-menus and settings with boxes and options and more pop-up menus... Overkill for my needs with ugly themes on top. All i'm looking for is a clone of the stock lollipop contacts app (but i'd settle for a contact management app with no dialer, logs, sms, etc, it doesn't even have to have back up options, though i suspect most users would require it). An app focused on grouping contacts, with a completely customized tabbed navigation, allowing you to: - hide all system/imported groups - create your own groups with custom icons/pics/background/behaviours/the works. - go to that newly created group folder (on the app tab) and click a + icon to pop-up a box with all your contacts, which you can then tick to batch import. - click individual contacts to edit their vcf details/call them/compose sms.

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  • Jack Foster
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Comments & Suggestions

  • L D on Nov. 21, 2015

    Look here for more details on this idea: http://androidforums.com/threads/address-book-app-with-customizable-group-tabs.970328/

    Not a very friendly idea submission form on PreApps, formatting and word-limitting wise.

    Nice to see you on board Jack!

  • L D on Nov. 15, 2015

    I'm not a developer (though i've dabbled a bit with python and i'm open to learning), but i'm an artist who can help designing the interface, creating icons and gui elements, etc.

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