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The App That Has Your Back

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Before a night of drinking you would want an app that has your back at a flip of a switch with adjustable hours of operation. This app will allow you to select people in your contacts and also any social apps. Once selected the app will not let you call/text or interact with any other apps that you've select while you’re out and stumbling about. In order to access your selected contacts and apps, you would have to wait the amount of hours you've chose to keep app running. Also if you wanted to unlock it before your time was up you would have to answer plethora of random questions (ex.500?'S or more). Now the type of questions can be educational, historical, random stuff you would know and wouldn't know. Just about anything that interest you, for me I would want to know useful fun facts in life that would just spark innovative ideas and get me in a positive aspect. The point here is they would have to stay on the app for a pretty long time just to unlock their selected contacts and social apps. Perhaps maybe even sober up a bit while on the app. There would have to be GPS connectivity that way if user is moving the app would not move to next question. We wouldn’t want to have an impaired person stumbling around staring at their phone and answering series of questions (zombie). Fixed location = Safe Direction. That’s all I have to say about this app right now 2000 characters is not enough to address some issues that I have all ready worked out. Logically Speaking. One more thing...Now that Business are looking into social sites before hiring, this would be an ideal app if you haven't yet gotten your drinking habits in check. #iaspect

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