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Virtual Turf Wars App

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This game will use GPS on your phone and allow you to "take over" places you are currently visiting. If you are at a store or at a park you can own it if no one else owns it. If someone owns it you have to virtually duel this player in order to either take it over or be taken over. The people who are dueling have to be in the same vicinity. Depending on the places you take over, you will earn certain perks or a certain gold amount. For example, if you take over a super market, you can get 100 coins, but if you take over stores in a mall, you will get say 300 coins since there will be more people dueling there. One important thing is that you can get notifications of the places around you that are being taken over and where people are dueling. You will also be notified when your territory is being taken over. Another important feature is team dueling. If you and your friend(s) are in a public place together, you will be able to team up on an individual or go against another team. In order to duel, take over, or regain a place you have to actually be there. If you win or gain a territory, you gain coins. Things you can do with coins: buy new swords or weapons, buy character customizations, upgrade you character and weapons, and be able to change the virtual environment to your liking. If you lose a territory, you will not lose coins but rather lose trophies. The trophies are not a source of income , but rather a show of popularity. These trophies could be used to climb local or national leaderboards. People will be able to know you by your username who you are, the places you have taken over, and how many places you have taken over. If you like this idea, please let me know so we can make this dream become a reality!

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Im 15 and I like to come up with my own cool app ideas for people to use them and create something that everyone can love!

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