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Virtually Lossless - Video Noise Remover

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Wanted: A very simple app with great results that can remove virtually all grain & color wash, typically found in night video photography. I am NOT talking about a brickwall filter that kills down the highs (or sharpness) in the picture to remove this noise .... I am talking about Digital Video Remastering.. How it would work.. 1. i would take a sample of the noise from the video on a black screen.. 2. I would click apply and remove. 3. All undesirable noise, grain, etc. would be digitally removed, sort of like NANDing it (or where it sees this noise, it digitally removes it). 3. the end result would be clean as a whistle. Hmmm sounds a lot like Neat Video.. yes it does but this program, which i don't see a competitor anywhere else is... a) too expensive for the everyday shutterbug b) too inconvienient, i want an app in the phone that i can do it to all my videos easy (especially the ones taken at night) would deal with a free more limited version but would pay as much as, but no more than $30,one time,for a great one. Im no wedding photographer or anything; many vids are fun memories, I don't want to drain the bank for it. One more thing, I have the G3.. 2160p.. if you can't support 2160p, i would not be buying it. Thanks, please create this !!! thanks

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