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Restaurant Selector (Selection Engine)

Category: Food & Drink | 
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I designed a small-scale (local) version of this for my town (Blacksburg, VA) as a class project; so basically, how the app works is you make a selection for five required fields (price, distance, day of week, time, and noise tolerance) with a few additional (optional) Boolean filters such as waiter service, fast food, etc. After pressing select or "find" , the app rank orders the list of restaurant meeting the user's criteria. The rank-order (in my version of this) is based on a proprietary "star rating" which combines Yelp! ratings and reviews from local residents. What I would like to do with this app is take is scale it up and broaden it's scope and make is usable for major cities & metropolitan areas. The target market, in my opinion, would be tourists or simply people passing through.

Interested Team Members

  • Jack Foster
    United States
    App Developer
  • Saurabh Kadam
    App Developer
  • Kishore Kumar
    United States
    App User
  • Mayank Bothra
    United States
    App Developer
  • Travis Clarke
    United States
    App Developer
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  • Anonymous on May. 04, 2015


  • mike on Dec. 02, 2014


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