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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Category: Game | 
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I'd love to see the Game of Thrones Board Game made into an app. It's really fun to play but it's designed for 6 players and it can sometimes be hard to get 6 people together for a board game. It would be great if we could just connect with people online. The board game itself sells for around £30 so a developer would be able to charge a couple of £s for it and people would buy it. Please let me know if anyone takes on this challenge! There's a video of how the game works here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0XRVTacNxI

Interested Team Members

  • Nikhil Matta
    App Developer
  • Jack Foster
    United States
    App Developer
  • yosef langee
    App Developer
  • Harshana Narangoda
    Sri Lanka
    App Developer
  • Faheem Khan
    App Developer
  • Zurab WillTestWorkHere
    United States
    App Developer
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Comments & Suggestions

  • yosef langee on Apr. 05, 2015

    doesn't such game already exsist? I myself have no idea how to play this, but it seems quite popular.

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