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Background and market: Every year, moose and deer collisions are the cause of hundreds of thousands of car accidents along North American and Northern European roads. In USA, approximately 1.22 million collisions caused by the presence of deer each year. In Norway, approximately 1300 moose is killed in collisions each year. Colliding with these animals is potentially fatal for passengers and is likely to cause significant damage to your car and the animal. Avoideer vs traffic signs. The danger of colliding with an animal is reduced if you,as a driver, watch the traffic warning signs, drive at a safe speed and observe your surroundings. Traffic signs can be missed or even ignored. The difference between the Avoideer app, and existing animal warning signs is that the Avoideer warns about a real sighting, with visual and audible alarm. How does it work? When you register a sighting of an animal, other drivers using Avoideer can take precautions to avoid collision. Your registration will be uploaded to the Avoideer server and the GPS position together with date and time of the observation will be pushed out to other users. When they get close to the place you reported the sighting, their IOS device will sound an alarm, and also give visual notification about potential danger ahead. To prevent false registrations, the app will notify drivers with different colors if there's only 1 registration in an area within a given timerange. Registrations will also be deleted from the server after 1 hour to prevent outdated warnings.

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Comments & Suggestions

  • Anonymous on Apr. 24, 2014

    This seems more dangerous than helpful, the deer just doesn't hang out in the road after your car..

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