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Tattoo Artist Pro

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TATTOO PRO tattoo pro is a tattoo artist simulator for apple or android. Being a tattoo artist take time, money, patience and alot of hard work. Being a tattoo apprentice takes several years in a tattoo shop without touching skins for a long time. Now here's the key...tattoo pro is a all in one learning center for those who want to be an awesome tattoo artist. 1. There is a virtual practice skin with different colors too, so you can choose the customers skin color from darkest to lightest. 2. There is a complete list of tattoo inks and tattoo needles so the learner can see the effects of each needle and each ink. mixing of distilled water to black inks or other inks to see the effects. 3. The user can import pics of their art and do a virtual stencil and tracing. Then apply it on the virtual practice skin. 4. The user may use the app with an automatic foot switch system simply by pressing fingers on the screen or his stylus. OR there will be a virtual footswitch to give that realistic tattoo feel. 5. The user of the app will be provided with a built in self help, tips and tricks or simply go ahead and do a virtual tattoo. 6. Users can also choose from a practice skin or a virtual skin of a person. So they can see how much blood the person looses in the process or how hard they press the needle. There will be a virtual green soap, virtual vaseline, virtual paper and the tattoos will look super realistic after the process. and the ink in the pen runs out much like a real tattoo machine. 7. Screenshot and share to friends in the social media of their choice. their session will also be recorded much like procreate. 8. For professional artist, there will be a timed run. a tattoo of their choice and of course they must finish within the time limit or it actually gets posted automatically in facebook or twitter or in other social media sites. 9. an online learning school if a user has a question. To be honest, alot of people are willing to learn how to tattoo, but some artists are just stubborn enough not to teach you everything. Some won't even let you do inking and hands on learning, not even on fruits or pig skins. And for some, they use prison style tattooing by using home made tattoo machines that are unsafe and the results look like shit. But this app changes everything.This app will be perfect for those who are willing to understand and know everything there is to know about being a tattoo artist. Here's a fact, pig skins are easy to find yet troublesome for some people to find. Practice skins are purchased online but may cost to much for some. Same goes with practice inks, practice machines so on and so forth...and what some people do is go and get a tattoo machine and be a "scratcher" at home and do it to their friends harming their friends and their credibility. Now they can do it virtually. it's safe, effective, user friendly and accurate. Using liners, shaders, magnums, flats, bugpins, so on and so forth..for only a one time fee, artist and learners alike can benefit from this app and those who are just curious on how to be a professional tattoo artist. how will this generate additional income? 1. A virtual tattoo pen will be produced(runs of bluetooth), vibration is also possible. purchased by user as an add-on but a regular stylus, pressure sensitive stylus or even a finger will do. 2. A virtual foot switch will be produced(runs of bluetooth) and purchased by the user as an add-on. 3. online inks...the more the inks, the better. just like draw something right? but unlimited use once purchased. (there are inks available once purchased but special inks can also be purchased for a one time fee.) 4. users may also download other skin packs like skins with old tattoos for cover up practice. 5. tattoo removal procedure may also be purchased. 6. for the ladies who want to learn how to do virtual 7. For the ladies wanting to learn tips and tricks on aesthetic tattoo's here's the app for you. Other notes: it would be best to consult a professional artist for the complete info and he/she can show you how each and every needle works, everything about tattooing. You can even use famous tattoo artist for endorsements like Kat Von Dee...This app has a future, and i believe this is not only for tattoo artist or for someone eager to learn about tattoos. Please make this app possible,

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  • mitch on Dec. 02, 2014


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    Make sure you post in depth and include maybe some drawings or wireframes


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