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Device: Windows Phone Released On: Jun. 30, 2014
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Have you ever wondered how much do you know about your own city? Sometimes you miss out some very beautiful places or you miss out important information about your city. You can find an information kiosk if your city is real famous for tourism. But what about rest? Bhavnagar, a very beautiful and peaceful place found in western Gujarat was quite famous as one of the best states of India before independence and holds imminent place in the history of India.

Though with passing time, the charm and prosperous culture of this city is worth watching. Bhavnagar app is like your local, personal guide in your pocket. The app contains every possible detail about Bhavnagar city and nearby places. The app contains different sections containing information related to this beautiful place. The app is majorly divided into four parts. Directory part will give you a local directory proving contact details of various governmental and non-governmental services. Places lists out all famous places of Bhavnagar under various sections to make you easily find somewhere you need to go. The about section shows the details about the city into four sub-sections viz. History, Education, Location and Weather and Culture. The last main section is Photo Gallery which will provide you with the photographs of different places of Bhavnagar under various sub-sections.

Find yourself in Bhavnagar with this awesome application. Explore the places you have visited and some you have missed with this local guide to Bhavnagar. Rate your liked place and help others to find a good place. So if you are really looking for Bhavnagar, this app is all you need.  



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