Peter Potato - a vegetable adventure
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Game Price: $3.99 Exp. Release Date: Dec. 16, 2016

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Peter Potato - a vegetable adventure

Device: iPhone & iPad Exp. Release Date: Dec. 16, 2016


Experience the vitamin-packed world of Peter Potato in this exciting vegetable adventure.

Peter Potato is a quirky, narrative lead game that unfolds over 70 fast paced mini games - testing your speed, skill, memory, rhythm, and intellect. It follows Peter Potato as he tries to build enough confidence to ask Suzy Cabbage to the school disco – before his arch-enemy Colin Carrot beats him to it.
Help build Peter’s confidence over 5 days of school life by popping his spots, amazing with his sporting skills, dazzling with his slick dance moves, wowing with super-cool new clothes, and flabbergasting with his intellectual prowess and lightning speed. Unlock accessories, meet vegetable friends and enemies, discover 150 vegetable facts – and take Suzy Cabbage to the school disco!

The game is designed for children over 6 years and adults, and aims to introduce vegetables in a fun and informative way.

Peter Potato has been created by Bueller Games, a new independent video games studio which aims to create emotional, textured, educational and fun interactive experiences.The studio is based in Falmouth, UK, where the natural environment is a constant inspiration and helped to create the initial concepts for Peter Potato.

- Fast paced mini games
- Over 70 exciting levels
- 9 different game types
- Simple intuitive controls
- Fun educational elements
- Beautiful vegetable imagery
- 20 different vegetable characters to collect and learn about
– Cool clothes and accessories for Peter to wear
– Entertaining dialogue
- Charming integrated storyline
– 150 vegetable facts  



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Recent Beta Testers

  • philip sinclair
    United Kingdom
    App Developer