Password Keyboard
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Utilities Price: $0.99 Released On: Mar. 11, 2016

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Password Keyboard

Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Mar. 11, 2016
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A modifiable keyboard to provide you with all your logins and passwords.

Remembering passwords can be a hassle, typing them even more.
How about a keyboard that doesn't show letters, but your logins and passwords.
Create custom keys for all social networks you participate, for all sites that requite a login, generally for everything you need an authentication.
Name the keys you generate to your liking, or just name them according to what they are for:
Facebook for Facebook, Quora for Quora, twitter for twitter, e-mail for you mail account and so on .... you got the idea :)
If you need a password or login for a certain account, just tap the respective key on the key board and you got the login, tap it again and you got the password. Both ready to use of course.

Remembering log in data has never been easier :)  



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