Epic Jokes - Biggest Collection of Funniest Jokes
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Entertainment Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Dec. 23, 2016

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Epic Jokes - Biggest Collection of Funniest Jokes

Device: iPhone & iPad Exp. Release Date: Dec. 23, 2016


Never be stuck for a joke again with thousands of sidesplitting gags in one beautiful app.

Features to make you LOL - 
- Thousands of jokes 
- Seven hilarious categories
- Never read the same joke twice
- Beautiful, customizable themes
- Shake to shuffle 
- Store jokes in your favorites list
- Share jokes via email, Facebook and Twitter

Q. What do you call an app that puts thousands of hilarious jokes in your pocket?
A. Epic Jokes!
With Epic Jokes you'll never see the same joke twice and always have a funny line ready the next time anyone says "heard any good jokes lately?".

So this guys walks into a bar...
Using Epic Jokes, it's scientifically proven that you’ll make more people laugh, with the funniest one liners, humor, blond jokes, Yo Mama's and more!

Knock, knock. Who's there?
Epic Jokes!
Share jokes with friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email and add jokes to your favourites list to view or share later.

Q. What do you get if you cross the world's funniest jokes with a beautiful app interface?
A. Epic Jokes!
Customise the way Epic Jokes looks by choosing from a selection of beautiful themes and split your sides every day with a wide range of comedic categories that can be turned on or off depending on your mood. You can even shake your device to view a joke at random!

Q. How many joke lovers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. None. They're all too busy crying with laughter after downloading Epic Jokes for a laughably low price.

And finally...

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. To get to the App Store and download Epic Jokes.

You’d be clucking mad not to!  



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