Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game
Device: iPhone Category: Health & Fitness Price: $1.99 Exp. Release Date: Jan. 03, 2017

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Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game

Device: iPhone Exp. Release Date: Jan. 03, 2017


Play the world’s first game that uses your actual heart rate as the game controller!

Explore the effect of different situations – what happens when you’ve had too much coffee? A long day at work? A good night sleep?

As you are playing Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game, your actual heart rate is used for score multipliers. Challenge yourself to influence your heart rate by using your thoughts, emotions, breathing and even posture. The game gives you instant personalized feedback on how your heart rate is changing.

Find out what works for you and learn how to control your heart rate while having fun!

*Best Dutch E-Health innovation of 2013
*Featured in over 18 magazines worldwide including VentureBeat, Toucharcade, and App Advice.

Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game uses your actual heart rate. By placing your finger over the camera lens, your heart rate is measured by the game and is used to help you to overcome obstacles and score points. Your actual heart rate gives you the power to win the game!

- 4 game modes that challenge you to achieve a specific heart rate ranges
- In-depth Heart Rate statistics allow you to discover trends and insights
- Fun upbeat endless runner
- Unlockable Master mode
- Heart rate technology developed by TU Delft, Ordina & MIT engineers

Skip is a frog on a mission to save his beloved princess Euphoria, facing all kinds of obstacles while puffing his cheeks to fly through the air. Use your heart to power Skip as he avoids enemies, collects insects and hops through the sky with his beating heart of love.

Press on the screen and release to help Skip hop and avoid dangerous enemies along the way. If your heart rate stays within the right range (depending on which game mode is selected) your score is multiplied.

Gently cover the flash and camera lens with your finger. Your finger is illuminated by the flash and allows the camera lens to detect your pulse. It will take anywhere between 8-12 seconds to measure your heart rate when keeping your finger still.
It is important to cover the lens gently and not press too hard.
For safety purposes, Skip a Beat has a heart rate range of 56 to 98 bpm (beats per minute). If your heart rate is not detected in the game, it’s possible that your heart rate is outside this range.

Although accurate when used properly, Skip a Beat is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any condition, or to be a substitute for professional medical care. Measurements and statistics are intended for informational and educational purposes only.

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Amsterdam based Happitech provides biofeedback technologies for app and game developers, using information such as heart rate to help people develop more self awareness. To showcase this technology, Happitech will release a new mobile game at the end of August. “Skip a Beat” is an endless runner game and the world’s first mobile game to use the player’s heart rate as the controller.

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