BRDGE - Business Networking was never that easy
Device: iPhone Category: Social Networking Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Dec. 17, 2016

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BRDGE - Business Networking was never that easy

Device: iPhone Exp. Release Date: Dec. 17, 2016


Business networking has always been a great way to meet your business-to-business target market. With the advent of social media, digital networking almost became a must do for anyone in the corporate world. Going digital is definitely a great way to connect with lots of people fast.

Digital Business Networking Platforms today are useful as auto-updating address books. But the real purpose of networking - finding relevant contacts and expanding your network - still remains difficult.

BRDGE helps you to actively grow your business network, and to get the most out of it. BRDGE will boost your business interests by discovering new & interesting contacts, connecting on mutual interest and building real-life relationships.

BRDGE supports you in finding new people. Based on your setting of distance and some magic by us, we show you individuals you can decide on if they are of interest for you or not.

Since we believe that a business relationship should be based on mutual interest, we connect you with a person you opted in to only if that person does the same on your profile.

BRDGE provides a broad set of functionalities that allows people who achieved a ‘match’ to take that digital relationship into the real life.

Key features include:

• Easy Login/Signup via LinkedIn.

• Information depth through detailed profile information and personal tagline.

• Learning algorithm based on your swiping decisions. So you can get better results, the more often you use BRDGE.

• On-location-mode helps to find the right contacts within the users immediate distance (based on geofencing and bluetooth). Two persons talking to each other will mean both will appear on the very top of your contact suggestions. Both swipe right and here you go, connected.

• Matches can communicate with each other via direct messages. Group chats in BRDGE is bringing the experience to a whole new level. They are just perfect for introductions or scheduling a meeting between people.

BRDGE will entirely change the way of how you enter business relationships and we hope you will be a part of it. The App will be launched November 2014 at the Summit Dublin Event. It will be available as a free iOS app – Android will follow.

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