Device: iPad Category: Game Price: $3.99 Exp. Release Date: Dec. 20, 2016

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Device: iPad Exp. Release Date: Dec. 20, 2016


Set in a world of destruction, intrigue, and deception, SettleForge combines the extremely popular and lucrative world of iOS puzzle games with the rapidly emerging world of economic, Euro-style board gaming, giving a player the feel of a multi-player tabletop game in a single-player engine. Using familiar, yet unique environments and mechanics, players are given an opportunity to develop a world of their own design that rewards both prudent strategic planning as well as agile tactical adaptation.

The basic rules of SettleForge can be explained in seconds yet provide near limitless depth and replayability. At its heart, SettleForge is a tile-placing game in which players match the colored borders of tiles in order to build a kingdom. The challenge of the game lies in the logically-constructed production chains and tech trees that these tiles are a part of. Building simple tiles provide resources that power more advanced tiles, which in turn power even more advanced tiles. The more advanced the tile, the more progress you make towards winning the game, which can be played either as quick, one-off sessions or as part of a longer, more story-driven campaign.

As stated before, both strategic planning and tactical decision-making determine one's success in SettleForge. Players have much more control over the course of their game than they would with a traditional, random-deal card or tile game, yet not so much control as to be completely open-ended. Players must make decisions within the limits semi-randomly generated each game in order to succeed and these successes generate still further options for development and scoring. Smart play will win out over pure fortune in nearly every game.

SettleForge is an economic simulation in a market woefully bereft of non-combat, strategic options. But, in the end, the gameplay speaks for itself as a challenging, fulfilling, and, most importatly, FUN entertainment experience!  



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