Drop (Invite only)
Device: Android Category: Social Networking Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Jan. 19, 2017

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Drop (Invite only)

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Jan. 19, 2017


Drop is a new location-based social network, allowing you to discover, explore and interact with the world around you in a new way. You can leave messages, experiences, stories and impressions for your friends or the whole world at a specific location. Drop connects you to other people based on local places and lets you experience locations from different perspectives and times. Request your invitation today to be one of the first to join our community and experience the world around you in a new way!

Use this invite code to unlock the App: PREAPPS

Why Drop?
• Socialize with people nearby: See what is happening around you and share your own thoughts with people nearby in two clicks.
• Perfect travel companion: Discover useful tips left by other travelers to find exciting new places and leave your footsteps by sharing memories at special places you have visited.
• Personal timeline: Populate and revisit your personal timeline containing stories and impressions you experienced at your favorite places all over the world.
• Location bookmarking: Mark your favorite spots, attach notes and share them with friends.
• Location-based reminders: Leave location-based reminders for your friends or yourself. Drop will notify you when you are nearby.
• Virtual geocaching: Leave messages at secret locations to be discovered by other people.
• And more: treasure hunts, location-based notes, file sharing, guestbooks
... the possibilities are limitless. Let your imagination run wild!

• Share messages, pictures or files at your current location for everyone, your friends or only yourself.
• Bookmark, comment or share nearby drops.
• Integration of location-tagged content from Instagram, Twitter and Wikipedia.
• Clean and beautiful user interface inspired by Material Design (Lollipop-ready)
• Android Wear integration: See nearby drops on your Wear device and respond directly from your wrist.
• And much more...

Ready for new adventures? Download and join the all-new Drop App today. Its free and easy to use. Happy Dropping!

Feel free to contact us for questions, requests or bugs:
- Shoot us an email at support@crowdappz.com
- Learn more on http://drop.social
- Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/droppening
- Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_droppening

Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crowdappz.drop&referrer=utm_source%3Dpreapps%26utm_medium%3Dpreapps  



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