ABC Learning Games for Kids
Device: Android Category: Education Price: Free Released On: Oct. 03, 2014

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ABC Learning Games for Kids

Device: Android Released On: Oct. 03, 2014
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If you are looking for ABC Learning Games for Kids then you are at right place.

In the innovative era of the 21st century, people have more tools for teaching their children than ever before, and they are often right at their fingertips. However, because there are so many choices available for entertainment and education, many people do not put their time into exploring ABC learning games for children. There are many ABC learning games for kids that are taught in preschool. Preschool ABC games are great for teaching the basics of the alphabet, which are the building blocks for reading later on in Kindergarten. Children all over the world learn via preschool ABC games or simply by singing the ABC song.

Cool Features of ABC Learning Game for kids:

Read a to z

Read from a to z to the kid and ask him to repeat. This will help him remember the words by listening.

ABC Letters

Showing letters or alphabets to kids will help him enhance his visual learning ability.

ABC Phonic

Singing and reading phonic chants to the children will help in developing interest in developing.

Animals Sounds

Toddlers are usually attracted by animals, show them pictures or sounds of them will help them learn the alphabets.

Learn to write or ABC Handwriting

There are many apps available which show the kids how to write a letter and spell a word.

Fill Colors

Toddles always find it interesting to play with different colors. It is fun to teach them through colors.

Draw Patterns

Drawing patterns will increase their memory and will help them improve their artistic taste.

Match Dots

There are many worksheets available in which kids can join the dots to make a letter.


Sequences will help children develop communication and learning skills.

Find Correct Image

Kids find it fun playing with different hidden images.

ABC Puzzle

ABC puzzle is like a jigsaw puzzle, a fun game for kids.

ABC Quiz

This is the best game for kids to test their learning abilities.

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