Tiny Titans
Device: All Category: Game Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Dec. 30, 2017

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Tiny Titans

Device: All Exp. Release Date: Dec. 30, 2017


Load your cannons and get ready to shoot! Tiny Titans is here, and it's packed with more explosive weapons, crazy physics and ball-bouncing action than you can handle!

These baddies may seem innocent, but they're certainly up to no good. Using a variety of bouncing balls as ammunition, you'll take aim and shoot monsters before they know what hit them. Knock baddies into spikes, flames and electro-zappers, or just shoot TNT blocks with your cannons and watch the explosives clear the screen in one amazing shot!

Tiny Titans is packed with over 150 bounce-tastic physics levels that will put your shooting skills to the test. Aim carefully, bounce balls off of the walls, and conserve your shots if you want to earn a perfect score. If you don't, those baddies will certainly have the last laugh!

- 150 challenging physics levels
- Unleash awesome chain reactions
- A variety of cannons, weapons and attacks
- 10 amazing locations
- Replay stages to get the perfect score!

Tiny or not, these titans pack enough power to keep the cannons shooting all day long. Load up the bouncy balls and get ready to fire!  



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