Frequently asked QUESTIONS

App User

+ How does PreApps work?
-  PreApps rewards users for discovery, sharing, and engaging with exclusive apps coming soon.
+ What do I do if I have a problem with my account?
-  If you have any problem with your account, email and someone from the PreApps team will get back to you within 48 hours.
+ What if I have an idea for an app, but no experience developing?
-  No problem. PreApps has an App Ideas page where users can post any ideas they have for apps they want to see created, but don’t have the experience or resources to create it themselves.
+ How can I earn points?
-  First, you have to sign up to PreApps. You can redeem points by voting for apps and commenting on them, downloading apps, notifying yourself for the release of an app, referring a friend to PreApps, by sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Printerest, Reddit, and e-mail, tweeting or Liking us on Facebook, and by surveying an app. Some actions earn more points than others, but a large number of points may accumulate quickly by how active you are on the PreApps website.
+ How can I get involved in beta testing for upcoming apps?
- Within the app profile page you will find a button titled “Become A Beta Tester!”. Once you fill out your profile the developer will contact you directly.
+ How do I change my password?
-  You may change your password by going into the drop down menu in the top right corner next to your username, and selecting settings.
+ How do I refer a friend?
-  You may refer a friend by selecting the mail option.
+ How do I share this app to Twitter, Pintrest or Facebook?
-  You can share apps by clicking on the app you want to share, and clicking on the platform you would like to share on, located under “Share This App” in the left side-bar.

App Developer

+ How will I get notified when an app gets released?
- Users will get notified through either email or text message once the app seller has selected to release it.
+ Does my app need to be fully created before I post it on PreApps?
- No, the app does not need to be fully created however we do require that the app has an icon, at least one screenshot, and a realistic expected release date.
+ Can I make my app Featured or Featured Elite later?
- Yes, you may. Once you have purchased the Featured or Featured Elite option your app will automatically be posted on the designated home page slider and you'll received all the benefits associated with it.
+ How do I edit my app?
- You may edit your app at any time through selecting “My Apps," and clicking “Edit App."
+ Does my expected release date need to be exact?
- No, the expected release date does not need to be exact however we ask that it is as accurate as possible. The app developer/seller may change the expected date at any time.
+ How do I view my apps reports?
- You may only review your app reports through upgrading your app to either Feedback, Featured, or Featured Elite.  You may view your reports through selecting “My Apps" and clicking “View Report."
+ How do I notify my subscribed users of my apps release?
- Once your app has been released on the market you may notify your PreApps subscribed users through selecting “My Apps" and clicking “Notify My Subscribers."
+ Can I delete a comment posted on my app?
- You have the ability to delete a comment if you upgrade your app to either Feedback, Featured, or Featured Elite.  You may delete a comment through selecting “My Apps," clicking “View Report," and “Deactivate Comment."
+ How do I see my app reports (Page Views, Opted In Users, Votes, Etc.)?
- You have the ability to view reports if you upgrade your app to either Feedback, Featured, or Featured Elite.  Select “My Apps” and click “View Report."
+ How do I create a Poll & Survey for my app?
- You have the ability to create a Poll & Survey if you upgrade your app to Featured Elite.  You may create a Pool & Survey immediately after posting your app or through selecting "My Apps" and clicking "Edit Polls."
+ How long will the Featured or Featured Elite apps appear in the app slider?
- The Featured Apps will be displayed on the home page for 30 days, while the Featured Elite apps will appear on ALL pages for 30 days, immediately after creating or updating your account.