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App Marketing Services

We Help Apps Launch Successfully

Prelaunch Exposure

Stand out from the crowd and successfully test and market your app before launch.

App Review Submission

Submit your app for review to over 150 top app review sites and gain exposure to millions of targeted users.

PR Creation & Distribution

Get your app recognized in top tier news publications in the United States.

Demo Video Production

Produce a high-quality and memorable demo video to share your app’s uniqueness at an affordable cost.

App Store Optimization

Maximize your app’s exposure and ranking through our signature techniques.

We Get Your Mobile App Noticed

Select The Perfect Package For You
Ultimate All In One Solution
App Reviews

  • 150 App Review Sites
  • 4-6 Guaranteed Reviews
  • See More
Demo Video Creation

  • App Preview or Demo Video
  • 30 Seconds
  • See More
Social Media Marketing
  • Promoted to 50,000 Facebook Fans
  • Promoted to 12,000 Twitter
App/Play Store Optimization

  • Complete App Optimization Report
  • Signature Techniques and Recommendations
  • See More
Press Release

  • Custom Professional Press Release
  • Distribution to Top U.S. Publications
  • See More
PreApps Featured Posting
  • Featured on PreApps
  • Targeted Exposure to Early Adopters
  • See More


Standard Package
  • 150+ App Reviews Sites
  • PR Creation & Distribution


Premier Package
  • 150+ App Reviews Sites
  • PR Creation & Distribution
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Demo Video Creation


Complete Report

Unlike other Agencies, we guarantee promotion on high profile publications. One week after your campaign’s completion, our marketing team will provide a full report with contact details, commentary, and secured exposure.

Want To Get Your App
Featured On All Of These Publications?

We will get worldwide exposure for your app and have it promoted to Millions of visitors so that your app becomes an instant App Celebrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We will individually submit your app to 150+ of the top app review sites and guarantee results. We do this through direct emails, forms, and strategic partnerships.

Where Are The Guaranteed Reviews?

We do not specify which sites will review your app in advance. This varies depending on our relationships with the editors, as well as the interest they have in your app.

What makes PreApps unique?

Our success and our relationships. PreApps is the premier prelaunch mobile app marketing and discovery platform with over 3,250 apps served, totalling 90 Million client downloads.

How many reviews will I get?

The number of reviews depends on the package you select and the interest the editors have in your app.

When will I see results?

One week after your campaign’s completion, our analytics team will provide a comprehensive report with contact details, commentary, and winning reviews.

Can you explain your service prices?

Our services require extensive effort, research and maintenance of contacts to function for your benefit. We have automated as much as possible to bring costs down, so that we may offer the best prices to our clients.


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